charity walk

10am - 12:00pM  | DEC 4th  |  Footscray Park

Come at 10AM and join us for our charity walk around Footscray Park and surrounds. 


100% of the money raised goes to humanitarian projects in the Pacific Islands, which educate and empower women. The event is organised by the Women's Federation for World Peace Australia which as a registered charity is committed to providing women in the Pacific Islands with the knowledge, tools and support needed to create lasting peace at home, in our communities and our nations.



Short: 3.6km | Flat

Duration: 43min

(suitable for children)


Student: $30 (Must show valid concession card)
Single: $40
Double: $75
Group of 4: $150
Group of 6: $215


Pacific Islands Scholarship Fund

This initiative provides young adults with the opportunity to access empowering educational programs at universities in their own country.


From 2017-2019 we sponsored Jenny to become a primary school teacher. She has now graduated and is working at the SunHak Primary School in the Solomon Islands.

In 2020, we sponsored:     

•    Janet (to become a kindergarten teacher)     

•    Selina (to become a primary school teacher)

Pasifika microcredit

Micro-credit loans are made of a small amount of money that are borrowed by trusted applicants. This start-up amount of money is used by the applicants to create a business and generate further income. Applicants make repayments to their loan, so the amount can be reused for other applicants.

The Pasifika Microcredit initiative was officially launched in Papua New Guinea in January 2020. Applicants will attend an introductory workshop to learn valuable skills for their business.


With a total amount of $3000 available, 6 selected applicants will receive a micro-loan of $500.

Stay tuned for more updates!

WFWP Sewing Centres

Located in the Pacific Islands, the centres provide women with an opportunity to gain skills and support their families economically. The sewing centre in the Solomon Islands is currently moving into a new location, which needs renovation.

Reusable menstrual pads for PNG

This year we have partnered with Days for Girls to deliver 200 reusable menstrual pads to Papua New Guinea. 

Under conditions of limited fundings and especially in rural areas, many young women simply have no access to sanitary products and are forced to miss school to stay home during their period. As a result, they can miss up to one month of school every year. In fact, girls are overall more likely to be out of school compared to boys (source).

With this delivery of reusable pads we are creating an opportunity for your women to stay in school and continue their education. This delivery includes educational sessions to inform young women about their period and break down stereotypes and stigma associated with them. 

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